• Why You Should Invest in Electric Bikes in Calgary

September 26, 2020

3 places to ride your electric bike in Calgary


The loop around the Glenmore Reservoir

Experience a true city-life oasis as you complete a 16 kilometre loop around one of Calgary’s largest bodies of water and through Weaselhead Natural Area. You’ll ride along Calgary’s water reservoir through the only delta in the city, and eventually pass the mouth of the Elbow River as it flows into the Glenmore Reservoir. Take your e-bike for a ride early in the morning or in the evening to avoid the majority of the foot traffic. This pathway is chock-full of natural wonders to take in - including waterfront views with mountains in the distance and a truly colourful experience as the leaves turn in the fall. This is considered a perfect route for a leisurely ride, especially on an electric bike.

Suggested e-bikes for the Glenmore Reservoir

Prince Island Park

With such easy access from downtown Calgary, this island on the Bow River is a local favorite for walking, cycling, and electric bikes. Riders can cross any of the three bridges from the riverfront downtown and follow the pristine pathways in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction, with quite a few options to cut into the island’s middle. The pathways are paved and perfect for e-bikes. The wind through an almost 50-acre park that features incredible panoramic city views. The perfect 3.5-kilometer urban escape, while still in the heart of the city!

Suggested e-bikes for Prince Island’s Park

The expansive Nose Hill park

A municipal park, it’s the fourth-largest urban park in Canada, and one of the largest urban parks in North America spanning almost 40 kilometers and 2,800-acres. For e-bike riders, there are 32 trails and 25 miles of pathways to cycle and enjoy. There are plenty of sights to see along the way, including the climb up the hill to Plateau Trail, where you’ll get remarkable views of the Rocky Mountains, Bow River Valley, and expansive grasslands and plains to the east. This park is frequented year-round by hikers, walkers, cyclists, electric bikes, and other outdoor adventurers.

Suggested e-bikes for Nose Hill Park

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