• Why You Should Invest in Electric Bikes in Montreal

October 01, 2020

Places to ride your electric bike in Montreal

Atwater Market/Les Berges Cycle Path

There is a beautiful waterfront loop that begins at Atwater Market, a huge indoor/outdoor market of local, organic and exotic food stalls. From there, it’s a short ride on bike lanes to Les Berges Cycle Path, which runs 21 km through a greenbelt along the St. Lawrence River. The stunning views include the Lachine Rapids and Saint-Pierre Lake. At the western end of the path, it’s worth taking a detour into the long, skinny peninsula that is René-Lévesque Park, home to 22 huge sculptures.

Suggested e-bikes for Atwater Market 

The Lachine Canal; Lachine to the Old Port

This is the quintessential Montreal bike path. Whether you go west to east, or east to west, it makes for a very scenic ride with plenty of lush green space along the water. The further eastward you travel, the landscape gradually changes from suburban to urban as you approach the old port. It is a fitting destination not only because it is a great ride, but because the creation of a park and bike path along the canal in the late 1970s marks the beginning of when Montreal started to transform itself into a world-class bicycle-friendly city.

Suggested e-bikes for the Lachine Canal 

Westmount to Outremont through Mount Royal

This route highlights arguably the two most affluent and architecturally stunning residential neighbourhoods in Montreal, Westmount, and Outremont. The middle of the ride showcases Mount Royal Park which offers plenty of alternate detours you can take to personalize your ride. Using your electric bike here is very beneficial as the higher up the mountain you go; the houses progressively get larger and more beautiful.

Suggested e-bikes for Westmount 

The P’tit train du Nord

The P’tit train du Nord is a 200 kilometre bicycle Trail which runs through the Laurentians north of Montréal. It is an easy-to-ride trail that offers some spectacular scenery and that is lined with a good assortment of tourist facilities. The trail is built on an old railway line which closed in the late 1980s. This means this trail is relatively flat. There are a few long gradual slopes to either climb or descend, but these should not be much of a challenge for most people, and no challenge at all for those on an electric bikes.

Suggested e-bikes for the P’tit train du Nord 

South Shore/St. Laurence River

With this route, you will leave the Island of Montreal, get a close-up look at two locks on the St. Lawrence Seaway, cycle on islands that were home to the Expo 67 World’s Fair, ride on a real honest-to-goodness Formula One race track, and bike on a narrow strip of land smack in the middle of the St. Lawrence River.

Suggested e-bikes for the South Shore 

If you have an e-bike, Montreal landmarks and trails are easy to explore. Scooteretti is a trusted electric bike dealership for Montreal. Our e-bikes are shipped from our Ottawa Headquarters, and assembled right at your door. Make the choice to get out and explore – click here to see our selection of electric bike.

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