Electric Scooters & E Bikes in Ottawa, Ontario

September 21, 2014

Canada is a well-known leader in promoting environmentally sustainable practices, so what better place for Scooteretti to set up shop than in our nation’s capital? We offer the finest and most extensive collection of electric scooters and e-bikes in Ottawa, and are one of the largest retailers of electric scooters Ontario has to offer.

Electric Scooters

Can you imagine yourself riding along the Rideau Canal on a beautiful summer day? Scooteretti can help you find the best electric scooter Ottawa has to offer from a wide selection of premium models. Some of the products we carry include:

2014 Scooteretti Dolce Vita: The Dolce Vita’s sophisticated, retro Italian design makes it perfect for stylish urbanites who want to travel in style. It’s also designed for precision, comfort and optimal performance.

2014 Scooteretti Forza: With a sleek design and a modern sporty look, the Forza delivers top of the line performance and handling. Monobloc front and rear disc brakes mean it’s ready to stop on a dime!

2014 Scooteretti Sportivo: The Sportivo boasts a sporty aesthetic with matching functionality geared for any riding condition. With premium cast alloy rims and high-performance front and rear suspension, it’s the ultimate ride for the sports-minded individual.

E Bikes

Whether you need a powerful throttle assist ebike or an electric pedal assisted bicycle, Scooteretti offers some of the best brands of ebikes in Ottawa, including ION, Easy Motion, Stromer, BionX, Pedego and more. The range of our collection ensures that every cyclist will find the ebike that is right for them.

We are conveniently located in Ottawa’s Byward Market. Come visit Scooteretti to find the e-bike or electric scooter that best suits your needs!

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