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January 09, 2018

Scooteretti is now a Tern Canada retailer. Scooteretti is always looking to source the very best selection of electric bikes available anywhere in the world and Tern bikes are one of the best. Whether you’re looking for something for personal or professional use, we pride ourselves on offering our customers the very best to choose from.

As such, we’re proud to announce we’re now stock Tern electric bikes!

You can view our selection of Tern electric bikes, currently consisting of the Vektron and the GSD Electric Cargo Bike in more detail.

Tern is a manufacturer which is known for providing customers with electric bikes which are suitable for use in a variety of situations all year round. Whether you’re looking for an electric bike for work, for shopping trips, to make the most of those sunny days out, or something economical for the daily commute, a Tern is guaranteed to impress.

Tern electric bikes are known for their:

Comfort – With a Tern bike you can be guaranteed lasting comfort for the daily trip to work, leaving you refreshed and ready to face what comes your way. There’s no reason in this day and age to put up with an uncomfortable saddle and unforgiving controls, and as such Tern offers the rider superb comfort in everything they touch.

Convenience – Tern engineers have for years been honing their skills when it comes to making the very best folding bikes possible. This means that the bikes can be folded into the trunk of the car, into a bus, or even stored neatly at work to prevent them from getting stolen. They fold easily and intuitively, requiring very little effort.

Reliability – Tern bikes are suitable for anything you want to throw at them. They have been designed to offer lasting service and they’re built with high-quality materials, which make them a very safe investment in the future. They’re also very easy to use and to control, allowing them to be used by the entire family.

The first Tern bike we have available to offer is the Tern GSD which is an electric cargo bike that boasts a highly impressive 400lb carrying capacity, making it ideal for either personal or professional use.

It features a specially designed aluminum frame, which allows it to offer a large amount of storage space but still remains comfortable to ride.
This means it’s equally suited to trips to the shops, the small local deliveries, or even taking the kids to school – it’s exceptionally versatile.

Add to this the powerful and reliable Bosch eBike electric motor and you have an electric bike that’s guaranteed to impress, and is available now!
The other Tern electric bike we offer is the Vektron, which will be available in early 2018.

The Vektron also features the superb Bosch eBike drive system which allows it to be a reliable yet powerful choice for those looking for something to make the daily commute or the local trip to the shops that bit more enjoyable.

It’s responsive to ride and has excellent handling as well as superb build quality, as do all Tern electric bikes, and it can fold very intuitively which allows it to be easily stored at home, taken onto public transport, or even stored in the office to keep it safe while you’re at work.

Both of these Tern bikes, as with everything in the Tern range, can be specified to your individual requirements thanks to a host of additional options and accessories which are available. This means that whether you’re looking for something to take you on your daily commute or something to carry you through family trips on beautiful days out, you’ll find it.

These Tern bikes can be seen and tried at our Scooteretti premises, allowing you to get hands-on with the bike before you buy, and our friendly helpful staff will be able to answer any questions that you may have.

If you can’t reach us, please visit our online store where you will find our entire range, detailed product information, and of course you’re free to contact us with any questions you have.

We strive to offer our customers the best prices and a level of customer service that we ourselves would expect to receive, so if you’re in the market for an electric bike Scooteretti is the only place you need to visit.

If you’re interested in Tern electric bikes, make sure to visit us in person or call us toll-free at 1-844-273-2453.

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