AIRZOUND Bicycle Horn

The Airzound bicycle horn is the world's loudest bike horn. This rechargeable air horn is the ideal safety device to warn others about your presence on the roads. With a fully adjustable output, the Airzound bicycle horn can reach a loud 115 decibels!

Refilling the the Airzound is easy and can be filled with any bicycle pump or compressor so you never have to worry about replacing batteries or use expensive air cartridges. Each Airzound bicycle horn is equipped with an adjustable volume control system so you can adjust the output level based on your riding environment. Each air refill yields over 30 loud blasts or 80 gentle honks. The Airzound bicycle horn is lightweight and weighs only 100grams!

This must have accessory is perfect for any urban cyclist. Each kit is easy to install and includes everything you right in the box. Orders yours today!

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