Easy Motion LCD Display

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The Easy Motion LCD display is a direct replacement for all Easy Motion electric bikes. The displays simply attache to the existing side mount on the bike.


1- For the Generation 1 display units you will need to select whether you want MPH or KPH as these displays do not allow for the units to be changed. Generation 1 displays are designed for bikes that originally came with the 3 rubber buttons (+, - & mode)

2- For Generation 3 displays you can select between MPH and KPH within the unit. Generation 3 displays can be identified by the plastic selector buttons (+, - & mode).

3- Do not substitute a Gen 1 display with a Gen 3 display and do not substitute a Gen 3 display with a Gen 1 display.

Easy Motion LCD Display Settings

Settings Menu. The user can access the settings menu by holding down the (+) and (-) buttons for 3 seconds. Press the POWER button to scroll through the different settings options. Additionally, the system will exit the settings menu when the user holds down the POWER button for 3 seconds.

Wheel Size Selection. The user can change the size of the wheel at any time. When doing so, the panel will display the size of the wheel's circumference in millimeters and its equivalent in inches (16, 20, 24, 26, 27’5, 28 or 29). The sizing can be changed using the (+) and (-) buttons.

Battery Capacity. To accurately calculate the range, it is necessary to correctly determine the capacity of the battery being used (i.e. 10 Ah, 12 Ah, etc.)   

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