Electric Bicycles

Scooteretti is fast becoming Canada's premier retailer of electric bicycles and ebikes. Each one of our electric bicycles and ebikes is designed and manufactured and tested by some of the biggest brands in the business. Buying your electric bicycle or ebikes form our online store and and enjoy fast shipping right to your door.

We carry premium electric bicycles and ebikes from the largest brands in the world. We are an authorized dealer for brands such as Scooteretti scooters, ION electric bicycles, Pedego electric bikes, Easy Motion electric bicycles, Hero Eco, Ultra Motor electric bikes and BionX conversion kits.

Before buying any electric bicycle or ebike online do your research to avoid any disappointment. An electric bike is a big investment. Check out our blog on how to buy an electric bicycle.

At Scooteretti, you can rest assured that our electric bike experts are always here to assist. Unlike buying from big box stores you can speak directly to our on staff technical advisers right here in Canada. No question is too small or too complicated.

Need help selecting an electric bike or ebike to meet your needs? No problem, feel free to contact Scooteretti anytime and it would be our pleasure to help you out! Or if you are in the local Ottawa area, why not visit our Scooteretti retail location.
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