Electric Scooter Ebike Batteries

Buying electric scooter ebike batteries can be a challenge. Not all electric scooter ebike batteries are created equal. While the appearance and size may be similar between batteries, their performance, life and weight can vary significantly. Don't be fooled by low prices as these types of batteries rarely last and will cost you much more than a high quality battery.

You can rest assured knowing that each scooter battery sold by Scooteretti is a direct fit for your existing electric scooter or ebike. All Scooteretti electric scooter ebike batteries have gone through extensive testing, so you can rest assured you are getting the best!

Not sure what type of  batteries are right for you? No problem, please contact Scooteretti here and it would be our pleasure to assist you before you place an order.

No matter if you have an electric bicycle, razor scooter, ebike or electric scooter our full range of electric batteries will meet your needs.

Electric scooter batteries use a standard coding system to determine the type and size of battery you have. Typically printed on the sides of the battery this code (eg. 6-DZM-12 or 6-DZM-20 etc...) will tell us exactly what size of battery you have.

Don't see your size listed? No problem just contact us and we'll be glad to get you a price.