Haibike SDuro Cross 4.0

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  • If you wish to pedal through a forested path or a scenic route into town, then Haibike SDuro Cross 4.0 is a perfect choice to use. It will let you relax and enjoy the ride, and it's a very reliable and powerful Yamaha drive system that'll ensure you reach your destination without hassles; with an LED display it will provide you essential information like speed, battery status, assistance and range from the handlebar.

    Our Most Affordable Mid Drive Ebike

    The Haibike SDuro Cross 4.0 is an eBike that can endure work over a mixture of terrain; it's stripped back of any clutter and is an excellent bike for sporty riding. It's built around a hydroformed and lightweight aluminum frame and is fitted with a battery that is dependent on mode and can provide up to 140km's / 87 miles of assistance. You can easily recharge the battery so that you're prepared to journey the next day.

    The Haibike SkidPlate

    Unlike eMTBs which severely damages a low-situated motor due to its inability to withstand stone chipping or impacts, Haibike were the first to introduce the Skidplate – a protective element that keeps the bottom side of the motor safe.

    The SkidPlate absorbs impact force and stone chipping by destruction and deformation instead of allowing the expensive motor to be damaged.

    It was made using a unique and shock- resistant plastic material which conducts incoming forces but remains stable in the event of severe deformation. The plate switches back to its shape after deformation, it has a color that hides smaller damage and scratches, and it can be easily replaced.

    The Double Chain Ring Option

    This eBike's ring option is beneficial to riders. It'll help them to stay in an ideal cadence range whether they're riding in low gears in mountainous areas, alongside high transmission on long rides or down the hills.

    Powered By Yamaha PW-SE

    Just like its predecessor, The Haibike SDuro Cross 4.0 has a new, very reliable and powerful Yamaha PW-SE motor. It also features Bluetooth connectivity and enhanced cadence support of up to 110 rpm.

    The YAMAHA Multi-Switch Display

    The Haibike SDuro Cross 4.0 electric bike has a big 2.8" colour display with a customizable control over connectivity function and clear readability. It also has a USB port and houses a Bluetooth interface; thus it can display smartphone navigation

    The switch can be used to check the following: battery capacity in %, speed indication, support mode, reach and km per day / total kilometers, support performance, time indication, cadence and more.

    *2019 Models will become available in early February


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