Haibike SDURO Radius Tour

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  • The Haibike SDURO Radius Tour is the smallest, and lightest bike on offer from one of the leaders in the electric bike industry. Drawing on their expertise of frame geometry, Haibike set out to imbue the Radius with the same level of control and slick design sense typically found in their mountain bikes. Powered by Yamaha's PW mid-drive motor, the Radius comes in a one-size-fits-most frame with enough pep to make short work of your daily commute.

    Yamaha Powered Commuter

    The Radius integrates both the Yamaha PW mid-drive motor, and it's accompanying Yamaha 500Wh battery seamlessly into it's hydroformed aluminum frame; making the bike both stable to use and easy to look at. With 4 distinct levels of assistance, the motor will provide nearly 300% of the effort you put into pedaling, making climbs and acceleration from a stop quite a thrill. The 500Wh Yamaha battery will cover nearly 130km in Eco+ mode on a full charge if you're not in a hurry, and about 50km on High if you are.

    Haibike Radius Compact Performance

    The Haibike SDURO Radius Tour packs all the commuters essentials into its compact frame, making it an ideal companion for running all your errands. Integrated lighting, fenders, chainguard, rack, kickstand, telescopic seatpost, and Speed Lifter Twist adjustable stem making it easier to stow away, saving precious real-estate in tighter spaces. The Shimano Nexus 8-speed internal hub makes for a smoother ride and minimal maintenance. The Shimano hydraulic disc brake system provides plenty of stopping power while the 2.15" Big Ben tires grip the road for optimal control and cornering performance.

    If you have any other questions regarding the Haibike SDURO Radius Tour, don't hesitate to contact our electric bike specialist via e-mail, telephone, or come right into the shop to meet the team.

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