Michel Gagnon Joins Scooteretti as Director of Franchise Development Canada

mai 04, 2012

Ottawa May 4. 2012


OTTAWA, Ontario. – April 4, 2012 – Scooteretti Ltd, a leading edge electric scooter and electric bicycle retailer, today announced the appointment of Michel Gagnon in a consulting role as director of franchise development Canada.

In his role, Gagnon will be responsible for the oversight, leadership and execution of all franchise development initiatives and a member of the Scooteretti Ltd. senior leadership team.

“The success of our company depends on the success of our Franchise Network, and growing that network with the most qualified franchisees from across Canada is one of our most important strategic initiatives for growth,” said W. Leishman, president of Scooteretti Ltd. “Gagnon will be instrumental in launching our retail network within the major market segments of our business in Canada, and he is the ideal professional to lead our franchise development initiatives nationwide. I look forward to working with him in this exciting new role.”

Gagnon brings a wealth of expertise with previous experience working with large corporate clients that included senior consulting services for Imperial Oil, Shell Canada, Pizza Hut and Yves Rocher North America as well as helping many SME in Quebec and Ontario in developing their Franchise Systems as the President and Senior Consultant of Davier Consultants since 1998.

Gagnon has also held senior positions as President and co-owner of a Canada wide Master Franchise System, building it from the ground up to over 25 franchises in 5 Canadian provinces. He has held the position of Executive Vice-President of a chain of large footprint drugstores with 55 locations (49 franchises) and sales of $200 Million.

Prior to that, he held the position of Vice-President Finance & Administration for the Canadian subsidiary of a major beauty products manufacturer.

About Scooteretti Ltd.:

Scooteretti Ltd. is a fast becoming a key player in the power-assisted bicycle market. Scooteretti’s business model has always been about ensuring that the products offered to their customers are of superior quality and reliability while offering outstanding customer service. Scooteretti’s business motto is “engineered to be better” and that thought process goes into every product manufactured and sold through its retail outlets. Through its advanced technology, R&D and unique Partners Network, Scooteretti retails their products, which are built on the premise of quality, reliability and safety. Scooteretti Ltd. is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Visit for more information on franchising opportunities.


Scooteretti Ltd.

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Bosch SmartphoneHub
Bosch SmartphoneHub

octobre 24, 2019

Bosch Smartphone Hub


Bosch SmartphoneHub

In a world today where many aspects of our lives are run via technology, it is no wonder that we are constantly searching for bigger and better gadgets to incorporate into our everyday lives.  

Well, here at Scooteretti we have found just that! The Bosch SmartphoneHub will be available on several of our electric bicycles as well as in an upgrade kit for previous systems in 2020. With Scooteretti being Canada’s only Bosch Expert certified shop, you can rest assured that you are in great hands.

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Riese Muller Canada
Riese Muller & Scooteretti

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Riese Muller Canada

Riese & Muller started with just two friends who shared a passion for cycling, a capability for problem-solving, and a desire to satisfy a need in the market.

They began working together in the courtyard of their parents’ home in Darmstadt, Germany; with a goal to engineering and manufacturing a practical and intuitive folding bicycle.

This was a success and their engineering capability as well as genuine passion for innovation and improvement has led them to become one of the premier bicycle manufacturers, serving all corners of the globe.

At the heart of everything they do is the desire to solve a simple problem – that’s why you will see as you browse through their range a very clear and concise design philosophy with every bicycle they manufacture.

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Riese and Muller Canada
Riese and Müller Canada

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Riese Müller Canada

Scooteretti is Canada's leading retailer of premium quality electric bicycles like the Riese & Muller brand. These ultra high-quality ebikes are unique in design and are custom manufactured to the needs of our clients. To learn more about the possibilities chat with one of our experts:

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