• Stromer ST1 X Video Review

janvier 13, 2017

Each year the team from Scooteretti travels to Interbike and takes an insiders look at the new electric bike collections coming out in the upcoming new season. Will, Scooteretti's founder spent a good portion of his time with the team at Stromer bikes USA and put together this Stromer ST1 X video review for our followers.

See our Stromer ST1 X video review from Interbike as we get a sneak peek at the brand new Stromer ST1X.

Stromer bikes is certainly a market leader and is one of the most recognized brands in the electric bicycle industry worldwide. Stromer is widely regarded as a brand that focuses on launching the newest innovative technologies. Similar to the automobile market Stromer finds itself as being the brand that pushes innovation to the next level then followed by many brands several years later. With the huge worldwide success of the ST2 and ST2S, Stromer bikes have now launched the Stromer ST1 X electric bicycle.

Similarities To An ST2

At first glance, the ST1 X doesn't really resemble the ST1 series of bikes but rather the ST2 series. We're not exactly sure why the marketing team at Stromer branded it as an ST1 but regardless, we were impressed. The brand new bike features so many of the things we love about the ST2 but with a few subtle differences.

The similarities between the 2 bikes are the beautiful ST2 frame design which is available in 3 colors, 3 sizes, and 2 designs, the OMNI system with tactile display, fender kit and rear pannier rack. The standard lithium-ion battery is 48 volts, 614 Wh that will give up to 115 -125 km's of range and is the same design as the ones used in the ST2 series. An optional 48 V 814 Wh is available as an upgrade for around $300-400.00 and will extend the ride time to about 140-160 km on the low assist level. With real word riding, we find that it's more realistic in urban areas to reduce these figures by about 20% or so and highly recommend that people consider the larger battery as these bikes are so much fun to ride.

The primary differences between the models are that this bike does come in at a lower MSRP of $4999.00 USD and a few bells and whistles less. While not a huge sacrifice there are a couple of noticeable differences that allow this bike to come in at a lower price point. The ST1 X comes standard with an aluminum alloy front fork vs the carbon fork which does tend to transfer more vibrations up through the fork and into the handlebars. On longer rides, this may end being an issue but certainly nothing a good set of grips and padded gloves can't take care of. The Supernova internal lighting setup on the front of the bike has been replaced with the decent quality Roxim 4 on the front and B&M rear light.

The ST1 X Is A High-Speed Bike

The drive motor on the ST1 X is a 48 Volt 500 W non-geared drive which we are fans of. If you have ridden or own an ST1 you will see a decent increase in performance but for those who have tries the ST2, this motor does offer a little less punch which is noticeable. If you love top-end performance then it may be worth spending the extra money on the ST2 bikes. Top-end speed remains at 45 Kph (28 Mph) which classifies this bikes a speed pedelec so keep that in mind and check out your local laws to see whether you can ride such a bike on public roads.

We hope this quick Stromer ST1 X video review was helpful.

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