48 Volt Battery Charger

Premium Quality 48V battery charger

Our 48 volt battery charger is a direct replacement for any lead acid battery set up. Each 48 volt battery charger is UL certified to meet or exceed industry standards. Simply pug your battery charger into any household electrical outlet to recharge your lead acid batteries. Each 48 volt battery charger has an auto shut off feature that will switch the charger off once that battery is fully charged. During the charge cycle the LED light will illuminated red and when fully charged will turn green.

Select the appropriate 48 volt battery charger output for your application from the drop down menu. Note that the "A" rating on the charger is the output. A lower "A" rating will mean that it will take longer to recharge your lead acid batteries while a higher "A" rating will charge your batteries quicker. For replacement chargers, simply look at the labeling on your current electric scooter battery charger for the output "A" rating and match it to the closest Scooteretti equivalent.

Battery Charger Specifications:

Input: AC 120V 50/60Hz 2.4A

Output: DC 48V 1.8A / 48V 2.5A


Reversed polarity is for ebikes whose wiring is reversed and non standard. Many GIO branded ebikes are reversed polarity.

If you have any questions concerning our 48 volt battery charger, feel free to contact our technical support team for assistance.

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