BionX Battery Chargers

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BionX Battery Chargers for your BionX lithium Ion batteries, keep it original.

BionX battery chargers optimize the caring cycle and life of your batteries. We carry the original BionX battery chargers to fit your lithium battery. While other battery chargers are available we highly recommend using only the original manufacture's battery charger to ensure that your BionX batteries will be charged per manufacturers specifications.

Select your BionX battery charger from the drop down menu based on the voltage of dyour existing BionX battery pack.

Have a question about which of the BionX battery chargers will work with your kit? Contact us and our guru's will be able to help you out. Please have as much information available as possible such as the lithium battery serial number or current charger part number.

Scooteretti is your one stop shop for BionX battery chargers.

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