Easy Motion Bluetooth

The Easy Motion Bluetooth module is a must have accessory for all Easy Motion electric bikes. The Easy Motion Bluetooth module allows riders to replace the stock LCD display on all Neo and Evo series models and control the bike and numerous additional features via their iPhone or Android device by downloading the free BH Premium App online.
With the APP downloaded to your mobile device you will able see and control numerous features.

Easy Motion Bluetooth Features

  • Adjust the levels of pedal assist from 0 -100 in 1% increments instead of the default 30, 50, 70 & 100% on the stock console!
  • Connect a Bluetooth compatible heart monitor for optimal training by allowing the system to automatically adjust assistance to maintain the heart rate & ideal for those riders who want to ensure they don't exceed a set heart rate due to a medical condition
  • Enable GPS tracking through your mobile phone for easy navigation.
  • Enter in details of the rider and bike to create a custom profile.
  • View live data related to speed, trip, time, battery energy used, motor wattage and many more options.
  • Keep track of previous rides via the history log.
  • At the push of the button get live system error diagnostics of your bike such as torque sensor calibration, battery state of health and charge and so much more.
The Easy Motion Bluetooth adapter turns your electric bike into an intelligent riding machine!
Easy Motion Bluetooth Manual

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