GIVI Guru Scooter Cargo Box

The GIVI Guru scooter cargo box has a 26 liter internal capacity. This custom painted cargo box matches the cream color of Scooteretti's Dolce Vita electric scooter perfectly. The cargo box also has a custom retro flower design on the top cover that really customizes the look of any scooter or ebike.

GIVI Guru Scooter Cargo Box easily fits a full size scooter or ebike helmet when parked. The Guru scooter cargo box is the perfect size for carrying your personal items with you on you commute or for picking up tonight's groceries at the local market. The GIVI Guru like the other cargo boxes we carry utilizes a 2-button opening/detaching mechanism making this a very practical and functional small top case solution.

Installation is easy and can be installed in about 15 minutes. Everything you need is included with the kit. Download the GIVI B33 scooter cargo box installation instructions.

GIVI Guru Specifications

Dimensions:  15.2"L x 15.3"W x 12.1"H
Volume:  26 Liter
Weight Lbs:  6.4
Max Load Lbs:  6.6
Helmet Capacity:  1
Have a question about the GIVI GURU scooter cargo box? Contact a Scooteretti customer service representative here.

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