GoCycle Fast Battery Charger

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The GoCycle fast battery charger.

The popular rapid fast charger which will recharge your Gocycle G3, G3C, GS, GX, and GXi in almost 1/2 the time!

This GoCycle battery charger comes with the North American power plug.

Properly Charge Your GoCycle

Reminder: Proper Charging Sequence

1. Open the rubber charging port cover.

2. While holding open the rubber charging port cover, insert the charging lead.

3. Plug the charger into the electrical outlet

4. The charger light will turn orange to indicate charging.

NOTE: If this does not turn orange and the battery is not fully charged, ride the Gocycle and then repeat the charge sequence.

5. Charge time up to 5.5 hours. DO NOT LEAVE THE BATTERY ON CHARGE FOR MORE THAN 24 HOURS.

6. The battery charge level is displayed on the Gocycle dashboard. When fully charged, the dashboard will display 10 LEDs on the left side.

7. When the battery is fully charged (10 LEDs showing on the dashboard display), turn off the mains electricity and/or unplug the charger.

8. Remove the charging lead and replace the rubber charging port cover.

9. BEST PRACTISE! With the battery fully charged and the charger disconnected, turn the battery off by placing it into Sleep Mode. See owners manual on how to Return the Battery to Sleep Mode for more information.