Muc Off -50°C Chain Lube

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The Muc Off -50°C Chain Lube is perfect for winter riding conditions and freezing temperatures. Suitable for all kinds of bikes and electric bikes the specially designed formula will keep your drivetrain running smoothly and prevent freezing in even the coldest of temperatures.

How To Apply Muc Off -50°C Chain Lube

  1. Fully degrease and dry chain
  2. Shake bottle vigorously, remove heat seal and apply lube ensuring every part of the chain is treated.
  3. Allow lube to penetrate into the links for 3-5 minutes
  4. Wipe of any excess with a cloth
  5. Can be checked with a UV light to ensure Muc Off -50°C Chain Lube is in between all metal to metal contact points on the chain


  • Ideal for Road Cycling, Cyclocross, MTB & Fat Bikes
  • Provides the ultimate performance in freezing conditions
  • For chains, cables, shifters, derailleurs, pedals & cleats
  • Incredible durability
  • Pipette system for easy application
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