Muc Off Bio Wet Lube

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Muc Off Bio Wet lube was developed for riders who ride their bikes in wet  or muddy conditions. The Muc Off Bio Wet Lube using a unique formulation of natural ingredients and additives that allow this lube to be ultra durable and not wash away unlike other products.

The viscosity of Muc Off Bio Wet Lube allows it to penetrate easily into your bicycle's chain links and pins ensuring that every part remains coated. This long lasting chain lubricant offers a silky smooth finish which makes cycling more efficient, smoother shifting and prolong chain life.

Bio wet lube is our favorite as it's safe for use on all electric bicycle and traditional bicycles. So if you ride in all weather conditions then this is the lube for you!

How To Apply Muc Off Bio Wet Lube

1. Clean and degrease the drive chain with Muc Off quick drying chain cleaner before applying Muc Off Bio  Lube.
2. Ensure that the chain is completely dry.
3. Slowly spin the pedals in a reverse motion and apply a moderate amount of Bio Dry Lube to the chain to the top of the return chain run.
4. Allow lube to penetrate into the links for 3-5 minutes.
5. Wipe off any excess chain lube with a paper towel or rag. 
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