Muc Off Chain Cleaner

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Muc Off chain cleaner is the ideal product to use to safely remove heavy dirt, grime and old lube residue. Safe for all area of an electric and traditional bike.
The Muc Off chain cleaner leaves no residue as it evaporates leaving a clean surface for applying any of the Muc Off chain lubes. Each bottle is 500ml.

How To Use Muc Off Chain Cleaner

1- Shake can to activate the Muc Off Chain Cleaner
2- Place paper towel or similar on ground to absorb dirt.
2 - Apply Quick Drying Chain Cleaner to entire chain area.
3 - Scrub stubborn grime or grease with a claw brush like the Muc Off claw brush.
4 - Wipe away any excess with a paper towel or rag.
5- Apply your favorite Muc Off chain lube