NC-17 Neoprene Battery Cover

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The NC-17 Neoprene Battery Cover is designed to protect your Bosch ebike battery both from cold weather but also from mud, water etc.....

The NC-17 Neoprene Battery Cover will fit all Bosch Powerpack 400 and 500 Wh downtube  and rear rack mounted batteries as well as Shimano Steps E6010 downtube battery, there is also a seperate option for Yamaha batteries.

When using your Bosch ebike in colder climates riders notice that their is a significant drop off in the range that they can get between recharges. As lithium batteries get cold the total discharge capacity also drops which means less range.

By recharging your batteries indoors and using the NC-17 Neoprene Battery Cover to protect your battery when riding will significantly reduce the effect that the lower temperatures have on the lithium cells. By keeping the cells warmer the rider will significantly increase their range between recharges along with performance.

NC-17 Neoprene Battery Cover Advantages:

  • Reduces capacity loss when riding during the colder months.
  • Offers additional battery protection from the elements (Snow, water, dirt etc...)
  • Offers additional shock-protection
  • Fast slip on design takes seconds to install
  • Offers additional scratch protection
  • Clean, elegant and smart design

NC-17 Neoprene Battery Cover Features:

  • material: high end 4.6mm neoprene
  • high quality waterproof seams
  • frame and rear rack battery protection for Bosch as from 2014
  • for Bosch Active and Performance Line models
  • compatible with Shimano STePS BT-E6010
  • water-repellent, heat-insulating
  • on/off routing

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