Pedego City Commuter

Pedego City Commuter electric bikes are one of the most popular in our collection. Form their classic styling and incredible ride comfort, the Pedego City Commuter is the perfect electric bicycle for the urban commuter or the recreational rider. Now you can buy Pedego Bikes online directly from Scooteretti.

Designed For Comfort And Performance

The City Commuter electric bicycle comes fully equipped! From its powerful 500W rear geared hub motor, 5 levels of pedal assist plus throttle control, the Pedego City Commuter gives the rider full control. Thanks to the design and gearing rations the City Commuter can easily be ridden as a traditional bicycle with no assist.

Pedego Bike Batteries

The City Commuter comes with several lithium battery capacity and voltage options. The standard 36V 10Ah battery offers riders a range of up to 64km's while the 36V 15Ah increases that by 50%! Looking for more torque? Live in hilly areas? Pull a trailer? Then the 48V 10Ah or 48V 15Ah Pedego City Commuter is perfect due tot he extra power. Each battery pack is lockable and removable. Recharging the Samsung lithium battery takes less than 4 hours and will cost you only pennies per recharge!
Pedego bikes are designed for comfort. Each City Commuter come standard with 28" diameter Schwalbe Fat Frank balloon tires, padded and stitched grips, suspension seat post and a super comfortable padded comfort seat.

Backed up by a 3 year limited warranty, you can rest assured you're covered.
*Shipping available in Canada & USA only

 Contact our Electric Bike Experts today with any questions you may have about the Pedego City Commuter.

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