Shimano Ebike Tuning

The Shimano Ebike Tuning BadassBox Typ3.3 speed kit by badassebikes is designed to increase the top speed of your electric bike. 

Installing the unit is fast and simple. Slide the speed tuning kit over the Shimano rear wheel speed sensor and secure with the supplied rubber strap. Once installed re-position the sensor magnet located on the spoke and slide towards the end of the tuning kit box. That's it!

The optional support bracket is designed for applications where the spacing between the BadassBox Shimano Ebike Tuning kit is too tight which causes the unit to touch the spokes. Using the adaptor will increase the distance between the BadassBox Shimano Ebike Tuning kit and the spokes.

Shimano E bike Speed Increase

The Shimano Ebike Tuning BadassBox Typ3.4 speed tuning kit allows the badassebikes chiptuning Box Typ3.4 to halve the transmitted speed once 18 km/h has been achieved. Steady assisted support is now provided to over 50 km/h in speed.

Powering the speed chip is a standard CR2 battery (not included), which provides an operational distance of approx. 5000 km (3100 miles) keeping maintenance at a minimum. Once the bike stops the built in microprocessor switches on and off automatically to optimize the battery life.

Removing the Shimano tuning chip is simple. Simply remove the rubber ring and re-position the spoke magnet to the original position in front of the Yamaha speed sensor.



  • The Shimano ebike speed tuning kit must not be used on public roads or in areas that do not permit such a device to be used and permit the bike to go faster than legally permitted to!
  • Use is restricted to private property or for competition / testing purposes on non publicly owned land.
  • The installation of the speed tuning kit may lead to loss of warranty of the bicycle.
  • The use of this Ebike Speed Tuning Kit is for use at your own risk. Warning, risk of injury.
  • The reseller and manufacturer assumes no liability for any damage to property and / or injury to persons caused by improper use of this product and is entirely at the riders / owners own risk.

Contact one of our ebike experts with any questions you have about the Shimano Ebike Tuning BadassBox Typ3.4 speed tuning kit.