Stromer ST1 Platinum Step Thru

The Stromer ST1 Platinum step thru was won numerous awards both for design and quality. This highly reviewed electric bike is designed with a lowered 16.5" downtube for easy accessibly. This high-speed electric bicycle can attain speeds of 45Kph (30 MPH)*! The Stromer ST1 Platinum step thru is equipped with a Samsung removable 36V 14.5Ah Li-Ion battery incorporated in the down tube that allows for the battery to be charged either on or off the bike.

The Stromer ST1 Platinum step thru is powered by the high speed 500W "Power 48" brush-less direct-current motor, located in the rear hub. Due to its inerrant design, the motor is virtually maintenance free. Each ST1 Platinum is equipped with 2 levels of regenerative braking allowing the battery to be recharged when coasting or under braking.

From it’s award winning LCD computer interface, the rider has easy control of the 4 pedal assistance modes with the simple push of a button. Standard on the ST1 Platinum is the 27 speed Shimano XT / Sora derailleurs and shifters, giving the rider a wide range of gearing options depending on terrain and speed.

Stromer ST1 Platinum Step Thru Accessories

B+M Lumotec IQ Fly Front Headlight
B+M Toplight Mini Rear Carrier Light
Pletscher Optima Aluminum Kickstand
Double Wall Aluminum Mudguards
RacktimeTubus Pannier Carrier

Contact our electric bike experts today with any questions you have on the Stromer ST1 Platinum Step Thru.

*Due to the higher speeds of the ST1 Platinum series electric bike, check with your local authorities to find out if it is street legal. Insurance and plates may be required in certain countries. Or feel free to contact us for assistance.

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