Stromer ST5

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ST5 Frame Size

Stromer Frame

 SPORT 17" SPORT 20" SPORT 22"
Rider up to 175cm (5.75 ft)
Rider 175cm (5.75 ft) or taller
Rider 185cm (6.07 ft) or taller
A: 432mm
B: 548mm
C: 69.4°
D: 63mm
E: 74.6°
F: 473.7mm
A: 508mm
B: 586mm
C: 69.4°
D: 63mm
E: 73.5°
F: 450mm
A: 559mm
B: 611mm
C: 69.4°
D: 63mm
E: 71.5°
F: 450mm
Proper bike fit is essential for best performance and comfort. Any size and geometry measurements shown on are for general comparison purposes only. To find your perfect fit, contact us and one of our experts skilled at sizing will help you find the appropriate bike and size for your individual needs.
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  • The 2019 Stromer ST5 electric bike brings integration and technology to a new level in the world of e-bikes. From the integrated handlebars to the keyless Bluetooth start-up and locking system.

    Stromer ST5 Performance

    With the powerful 850W motor and all new sport mode giving extra power at the push of a button, the Stromer ST5 is designed for high-speed riding and fast acceleration in the urban environment. Comfort has also been built into the design with the large volume, specially designed by Pirelli, cycl-e tires, vibration dampening seatpost and custom saddle, ensuring that you can ride all day in comfort.

    Integrated Design

    The Stromer ST5 is packed with innovative features for everyday life around the city, with a keyless startup system, GPS tracking and the ability to lock the bike from your smartphone. High powered LED lights are integrated in the front and rear of the bike and even includes a brake light. Custom designed fenders keep you dry while the electronic gear shifting system ensures you have the right gear for any incline.

    A perfect choice for anyone looking to get around the city at speed, whether commuting to work or just travelling from A to B, the beautiful design, top-level performance and innovative technology of the Stromer ST5 will not disappoint.

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