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While some may argue that an electric scooter suffers in quality and ride performance. e bikes torontoWe would like to differ that opinion. Introducing the new line up of Scooteretti electric scooters and e bikes. Indeed an electric scooter from Scooteretti is like no other.

With the success of our Ottawa retail store and demand across North America, Scooteretti is now pleased to offer Toronto a new way of buying an electric scooter online.

At Scooteretti our electric scooters are shipped fully assembled with the exception of the mirrors. Our factory trained and certified technicians assemble and test every Scooteretti right here in Canada before it is ever shipped to our customers. Some say that's too time consuming, we say that's why a Scooteretti owner's spend more time driving their electric scooters.

Like us, Scooteretti owners are passionate about the products they ride. Our scooters are designed to last. From our over-sized tubular steel chassis, hydraulic disc brakes, adjustable suspensions, premium quality batteries and our proven high mileage Xtreme series of electric motors.

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Electric Scooter Toronto

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