Bosch Battery Lock

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The Bosch battery lock is manufactured by Abus in Germany. These high-quality locks are secure and extremely difficult to pick, keeping your expensive Bosch lithium battery secure.

Replacing your lock is quick and easy and requires that the plastic cover be removed and then simply removing the lock mechanism by removing the 2 Allen keys screws.

The Bosch battery lock by Abus is available in both downtube mounted and rear rack mounted versions.

What's Included:

  • 1 x lock mechanism
  • 2 x coded keys

Bosch Lock Removal Tip:

  1. Once the plastic cover is removed, mark the position of the old lock prior to loosening the Allen screws. This will allow for easy and fast alignment of the new Abus locking cylinder to be installed saving you lots of frustration trying to locate the exact position and ensuring a tight fitment of the battery to the bike!

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